What Is Full Potential Friday?

As a community, we realize our full potential by embracing everyone, regardless of ability or disability.

A significant part of my duty as CEO is to inspire others to “join the cause.” This includes sharing our organization’s work and giving people an opportunity to contribute in a way they find personally meaningful. In their work, Grant and Crutchfield refer to “inspiring evangelists,” people that can support mission achievement and provide testimonials of the organization’s work, spreading the word and adding new members to the network.

In an effort to increase awareness of both our organization and disability issues overall, we are excited to begin a new venture which we are calling “Full Potential Friday.” This is an opportunity for our organization to go out to local businesses and do a 20-30 minute informative, engaging presentation on the history of disability services, disability etiquette, and how people can partner with our organization. I believe understanding the history of disability service and how our society has treated its most vulnerable citizens is a powerful illustration of both how far we have come and how much work is still left to be done. An overview of disability etiquette also provides people with some suggestions on how to respectfully engage people with disabilities while also feeling comfortable and relaxed enough to do so. I’m excited about the opportunity to inspire others to join the cause!

Yesterday, Missouri Bank hosted us for our first Full Potential Friday, and the warm reception we received was very encouraging. If you would like to host us for a future event, please contact Andrea Adams, Director of Development, at (816) 983-2204.