Welcome, Opie!


Opie the Otter

I didn’t start my day thinking I was going to be reading about spirit animals and totems, but here we are.  Recently, we were brainstorming ideas for a fun “mascot” for our organization.  Playing off of the alliteration of our Open Options name, we joked about “Opie the Otter.”  I guess we joked about it too much because the idea really stuck.  Plus, Ollie the Ocelot just didn’t roll off the tongue.  Alliteration aside, we wanted the animal to have symbolic meaning to our organization and in particular our values. We came up with the following acronym that incorporates our core and aspirational values:

  • O             Open, authentic, and truthful
  • T              Takes responsibility, recognizing mistakes and apologizing with humility
  • T              Trustworthy and accountable for results
  • E              Earnest and unselfish concern for the well-being and happiness of others
  • R             Respects the dignity of every person and every role

A quick visit to www.spirit-animals.com tells us:

If Otter is your animal totem you take great pleasure in the success and happiness of others and will work untiringly to help others achieve that. You have no selfishness, are not self-centered, or self-driven and could never be mean to others. You are never unnecessarily critical in a vengeful way nor are you a gossip. You find purpose in supporting and enhancing the lives of others.

This description is amazingly appropriate and aligned with the work of our organization.  Our next step was to contact our friends at Image360, who did some great design work for us and helped us fine-tune a cartoon otter.  Last week, with some trepidation, we presented Opie the Otter to our full Board of Directors and I was overwhelmed with their enthusiasm and support.

Please help us welcome our newest family member and stay tuned for future updates as we are going to be having Opie involved in a fun and exciting way with our November recognition event.