“Heartbroke,” A Short Story by Vickie Stafford

Jasmine Sky acted like a child ever since she met her boyfriend until one day she asked him to marry her. He said no. “I’ll never marrying anybody.” Jasmine Sky was so heartbroke that she moved to Florida. Jasmine Sky got a job at Sea World and she became an animal trainer.

On Halloween she saw a rose — not knowing it was a poison rose. As soon as Jasmine picked up the flower it turned dark green and herself into a swamp queen. She thought her boyfriend had done it, somebody else had put a spell on that flower.

“All you need to break the spell, just think about one positive thing about yourself.” All of sudden she saw a ghost of her deceased mother. Her mom would talk to her for hours. “I’ve seen you from heaven and I know all of the trouble that you’re in.” Jasmine’s mom said.

Jasmine told her mom why she always put herself down. “My dad was a crazy drunk before you died. He would always put me down as a child.”

“Which is why l am here to help you,” said Mom. “There is one positive thing about you: You are a sweet person.”

“You’ll see me when a spring rain comes,” said the ghost [which is her mom.] The ghost just vanished. Jasmine kept that in her mind. Then she turned back into a human.

Five years have flown by. One thing she learned is to be positive and now she is more happy then ever. Her boyfriend got a new girlfriend and that was great because Jasmine wasn’t ready to become somebody’s wife. In her spare time she write songs. One song is called “Heartbroke Hotel,” sung by Whitney Houston.

About the Author

About the Author

Vickie receives residential services from Open Options. Her friends describe her as smart and funny and say she has an outstanding laugh.

Vickie has idiopathic torsion dystonia, a condition that causes painful muscle contractions and affects her gait and verbal communication. A born writer, Vickie has authored many plays and an essay on the rights of people with disabilities.

Besides writing, Vickie expresses herself in other creative ways. She enjoys quilting and making pillows, and she also enjoys cooking and baking.