Megan Birzer

October 13, 2017

Adding to Her World

The most influential person with a disability I have ever worked with was named Teri. She was a lady who lived in the first group home I worked at, in Emporia, Kansas, many years ago. Teri had Cerebral Palsy, and used a communication device that she controlled with a single red button that she hit with the side of her head. We would have full conversations, her using that button with a vengeance to get the words out. Teri also regularly added words to her device, and I remember being so in awe of her as she added each new letter, each taking at least half a dozen button taps, but when she had that new word added to her device, she opened up her world a little more, and was able to communicate that much more with her friends, family, and staff. I also played countless hours of matching […]