Andrea Adams

June 20, 2017

“Freedom,” A Short Story by Vickie Stafford

Rusty is a dog who has never gotten the love he needs. His owner treats him like a servant. Rusty is a farm dog who works outside everyday. Rusty sleeps in a cage outside, until one day Rusty ran away from home. Rusty met a homeless man. His name is Jesse Rowlds. He used to be a big time lawyer. How did he lose his house? He never paid his bills in Aspen, Colorado, where he lives and still does even though he’s homeless going on three months. Rusty loved Jesse more than his owner and Jesse enjoyed him too. It’s been two weeks since Rusty ran away from home. Jesse decided to change Rusty’s name to Freedom, and Rusty loved his new name. It stood for a new beginning. On the Fourth of July a fair came to town, and Jesse went to the fair with Freedom. It is […]
June 2, 2017

“Heartbroke,” A Short Story by Vickie Stafford

Jasmine Sky acted like a child ever since she met her boyfriend until one day she asked him to marry her. He said no. “I’ll never marrying anybody.” Jasmine Sky was so heartbroke that she moved to Florida. Jasmine Sky got a job at Sea World and she became an animal trainer. On Halloween she saw a rose — not knowing it was a poison rose. As soon as Jasmine picked up the flower it turned dark green and herself into a swamp queen. She thought her boyfriend had done it, somebody else had put a spell on that flower. “All you need to break the spell, just think about one positive thing about yourself.” All of sudden she saw a ghost of her deceased mother. Her mom would talk to her for hours. “I’ve seen you from heaven and I know all of the trouble that you’re in.” Jasmine’s […]