May 11, 2018

They Denied Him His Coffee. They Were Wrong.

You can make decisions in your own life, so why shouldn’t a man be able to get a cup of coffee? Fred really liked coffee.  I learned that very quickly.  Working part-time at an apartment complex on the weekends, I came in every Friday night at 10:30pm and worked until 2:30pm on Saturday.  Each Saturday morning, Fred would wake up, come out the living room, and politely ask for coffee.  After a few weeks, I decided to show him how to use the coffee-maker, so he didn’t even have to ask me for coffee.  He was a quick learner, and each Saturday he would get up and immediately go make coffee.  I’d watch him throughout the day and he would typically drink no more than 1-2 cups of coffee in about an eight-hour period.  He did not have any dietary restrictions, so I didn’t think much about it. One morning […]